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Hardware Thread, AIO Pcs - opinions? in Technical; Love the Dell 3011 & 9020 here. Great build quality and easy access to the insides, the 3011 is basically ...
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    Love the Dell 3011 & 9020 here. Great build quality and easy access to the insides, the 3011 is basically a laptop inside. Also as mentioned above watch out if you are using them as teacher machines as no VGA out, so budget for a UBS VGA adapter. The 9020 however have everything inc PS/2 connectors!

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    Just got our first Dell 9020 today and although very fast (the i5 one), I was not impressed with the styling of it. Felt a little cheap and heavier than it needed to be. Dosnt help that we have a few new iMacs in the office at the moment but just was underwhelmed by it.

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    +1 for the Stone AIO's with stand upgrade with integrated cable management

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    Have you seen the Fujtisu X913 and X923. Very slick looking machines

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    Best advice is buy one or get one on loan and see what components you can upgrade or more to the point what you can replace (worse case scenario). The ease of opening and closing a AIO is also important.

    Some AIO's I've come across really are hybrids, consisting of SO-DIMM memory (used in notebooks/netbooks), but utilises a 3.5" hard disk when you may have expected a 2.5" to reduce the overall size.

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