As we're looking to go virtual, it would seem viable for us to go to a D2D2T solution (or perhaps D2D2D if we try and utilise our RDX drive/cartridges).

We have been quoted on a new diskbox BUT we think we could perhaps utilise one of our current servers (which is less than 3yrs old) and just fill it with hard drives. Is there anything we need to be aware of or consider if we wanted to do this? Could we just use a the current windows license or would we need to look at windows storage server and specialist backup software?

Is there any specific way a backup diskbox would need to be setup (if we use veeam for backups for the virtual servers) or is it simply a case (in a nutshell) of filling it with HDDs and sticking on a windows server install? Has anyone configured their own backup diskbox in a similar environment who could offer some advice?

With regards to the 2T/2D part, we are looking at an LTO6 storage library however our current network in total comes to around 900GB in used space. Now obviously we'd expect this to increase but what I want to know is, whilst we could still currently fit the network on a single LTO6 tape (which is 2.5TB native) or a single decent sized RDX cartridge (and then with compression), should we still be considering an LTO storage library or should we wait a year or 2 until costs come down, or perhaps not consider it at all right now)? We need to consider how much space we're likely to be using 3 and 5 years from now and whether we should wait until LTO6 comes down in price and reconsider, but if so we'd have to feel like we could make do without one in that time.