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Hardware Thread, Motherboard issue? in Technical; Right, my home machine has died on me, think its the motherboard but not sure, so heres what I know. ...
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    Motherboard issue?

    Right, my home machine has died on me, think its the motherboard but not sure, so heres what I know.

    Clock wasn't keeping time so I Decided a new CMOS batteery was in order, got one a few days later (Thursday) went to turn on PC and got a 2 second beep befiore anything appears on screen. turned out that it was no longer accepting my 2x 512mb memory sticks, however it will take either stick on its own, in either of the three slots I have.

    After turning on with the single stick installed, I still get CMOS checksum error - I assumed that would have left with the new battery

    Can boot into safe mode with success, but normal boot results in a BSOD stating PAGE FAULT IN NON PAGED AREA - same happens when I try to install a fresh copy of XP, just before the first screen

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    Re: Motherboard issue?

    Check all the settings in the BIOS, taking the CMOS battery out will have binned them, you could try a re-set to factory defaults and see what happens.

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