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Hardware Thread, Dell Optiplex GX 620 in Technical; My current work desktop is a Dell Optiplex GX620 with a Pentium D 3.0 Ghz and 4GB RAM. Since installing ...
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    Dell Optiplex GX 620

    My current work desktop is a Dell Optiplex GX620 with a Pentium D 3.0 Ghz and 4GB RAM. Since installing Vista it has become a bit of a dog (I didn't want to install it, but need to start getting to grips with it). Does anyone know if the motherboard will take a Core 2 processor? Some older socket 775 boards won't use the newer Intel chips, but this one does take DDR II RAM, which leads me to think that it can be upgraded.
    Anyone know?

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    Re: Dell Optiplex GX 620

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    Re: Dell Optiplex GX 620

    I remember looking at this when I was buying a new computer just over a year ago. The chipset the GX620 and most of Dell's other Pentium D based systems weren't conroe compatible at the time.
    IIRC it wsa something to do with the voltage being different (or certainly nothing that a BIOS update could fix) so I'm pretty sure that you wont be able to use a Core2Duo on a GX620 unfortuntely :cry:

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