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Hardware Thread, Asus laptop A54C-SX209S problems in Technical; I think I know the answer to this before I ask it. I have one of these that is acting ...
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    Asus laptop A54C-SX209S problems

    I think I know the answer to this before I ask it. I have one of these that is acting weird, can't log into the network or locally, in fact can't even boot off my hirons usb into mini windows XP mode it just crashes during the process. I suspected it was memory, so managed to run memory diagnostics but it then freezes on about 29% each time. So I think, I'll just take off the back panel and reseat \ change the memory. I take off the back and just see an empty memory slot (presumably for expanded memory). I can't see any other accessible panels and I've already looked under the keyboard. This laptop has 4gb, and now someone is going to tell me it's soldered on the mainboard somehow and is inaccessible? The warranty was up last November :-p

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    Here is a still from a youtube video showing a dc socket repair. It does look like the memory is soldered. Not impossible to replace with a hot air rework station.

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