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Hardware Thread, HP printer randomly prints Demo page in Technical; Can anyone shed some light as to why without touching the printer, it prints out the demo page. HP laser ...
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    HP printer randomly prints Demo page

    Can anyone shed some light as to why without touching the printer, it prints out the demo page.

    HP laser jet CP5225

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    Very odd. See if it happens if it is disconnected from the network, other than that see if you can re-flash / update the firmware. How often is the page coming out?

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    Is someone logging into the web interface and printing printer status reports?

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    I've had that with the exact same printer. It doesn't seem to happen much these days but it used to happen all the time, the only thing I have changed is the print server it's hosted on and I can't say I have noticed it recently. Not much help sorry but yours is not the only case of this !

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