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Hardware Thread, Laptop leasing recommendations for teachers? in Technical; Hi all, wasnt quite sure where to post this but it'll probably get moved soon! Need to get a 3 ...
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    Laptop leasing recommendations for teachers?

    Hi all, wasnt quite sure where to post this but it'll probably get moved soon!

    Need to get a 3 year lease for around 14 laptops for teachers, does anyone know any decent leasing companies that aren't very pricey!!!

    Many thanks in advance

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    If you need to lease then it needs to be an Operating Lease as far as I'm aware (just keep that in mind).

    Various companies around dedicated to leasing such as Syscap and CHG Meridian (and we have a current lease with De Lage Landen), but probably also worth asking your supplier as they may do an inhouse lease offering if they are big enough, or put you in touch with a partner they use. The only other thing I have to say is that our 2nd lease payment with one company, they had added insurance on top of the payment which we had to get removed and refunded, so just try to keep an eye on the payments and make sure they are what you are expecting if/when you do take a lease out.

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    We use Dell for our leasing but organise it through Misco as sometimes it's cheaper than going through Dell directly. Speak to misco_dan.


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    Personally I use Econocom for all my leasing and they've been very good. I find their T&Cs slightly more flexible than some others and they're happy for you to source the kit from anywhere you like.

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