I'm trying to configure 2 RAID arrays on a Dell R410 server which seems to be problematic. The server has a PERC6i card installed along with the factory shipped LSI SAS controller. When looking at the RAID configuration from the BIOS I cant see any physical drives although there are 4x 1TB drives attached to the drive bays at the front.

The PERC6i card I have is attached to to a riser and which was shipped as part of the initial server build and also has the LSI SAS controller attached, there is a SAS cable that runs from the hot plug back plane (HDD backplane) to the riser which all seems to be working but no physical drives are being detected or showing in the RAID configuration.

Bios has SATA mode set to RAID.

Could the issue be that the Perc card Im using is incompatible or is there something else Im missing?