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Hardware Thread, How to remove HDD from RM Minibook 120 in Technical; Does anyone have any or know of any guides as to how to remove the hard-drive from a RM Minibook ...
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    How to remove HDD from RM Minibook 120

    Does anyone have any or know of any guides as to how to remove the hard-drive from a RM Minibook 120? I have one of 30+ machines that just will not build over MDT and I suspect it has a dodgy hard-drive. I would like to remove it and try another HDD before I condemn the machine. I have removed all the visible screws and the keyboard seems to have a bit of give but I am weary about prying it any further in case I damage it beyond repair.

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    You do need to give it a bit of stick - there's clips at the top if I remember right and a sticky pad underneath.

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    Remove the battery and you will see two grey "latches". press backwards (towards the handle) on both using a small screwdriver (you will hear a click as they release) and the keyboard will pop out. Release the black tabs on both sides of the ribbon cable connector to release the ribbon cable from the circuit board. Remove the two screws from the metal/silver cover and remove the cover. The HDD caddy is held in by four small screws.

    Hope that helps.
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