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Hardware Thread, Wireless-router-me-do in Technical; OK, here goes. Telewest are cabling up my house next Friday (after I get back from BETT), and my old ...
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    OK, here goes. Telewest are cabling up my house next Friday (after I get back from BETT), and my old Netgear 834g ADSL wireless router will have to go (unless you know how to use it without ADSL? whilst still providing the firewall?). I am looking at one of these as price is an issue here.


    It seems good and Scan do them for £32.89. Anyone else have any recommendations or are using one of these?

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    Re: Wireless-router-me-do

    I don't think there's an option to force the router to use an ethernet port as the external interface. At least, I haven't found one on a DG834 (the non-wireless version).

    You could reflash it with a custom image (my version runs linux - source tarball available on Netgear's site), but I'd spend the cash and then sell it or reflash it to see what happens when you have the time.

    If you reflash the thing, make sure you get the tool to restore a known good image before you begin - they're quite brickable.

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