Hi Chaps,

I have a school that has a Xerox WorkCentre 7855 and want to use the accounting function when teachers print. Now I have this setup on a Ricoh and it works extremely well.

BUT the issue I'm having on the Xerox is that the accounts are setup in the Centreware Internet Services, and the corresponding UserId's are configured on the teacher laptops but when I send a print it appears on the 7855 with the userid of the person who is signed onto the laptop. (Not a problem you might think) But as a matter of simplicity and the fact that teachers move around in schools they log onto the laptop with Teacher as their username.

Thus every print that's going to go to the printer will be from Teacher - hence the problem.

Is it possible to not use the laptop username when sending to print - I've had a look and can't see why it should use that.

Any help is gratefully accepted