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Hardware Thread, Strange audio issue... in Technical; Hi All, Just put Win 7 on an old pc (trying to beat the death of XP) it should run ...
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    Strange audio issue...

    Hi All,

    Just put Win 7 on an old pc (trying to beat the death of XP) it should run ok just about, 1GB of RAM and Celeron 2.8GHz.

    Anyway, the audio is really distorted and actually when no audio is playing, I'm sure I can hear some interference. Something like HD I/O as it's every second or two and the volume slider actually moves a little each time this interference is heard.

    Board is an old Intel D946GZIS and has some jack sensing inbuilt into the Win7 driver, but as it's the Win7 driver I can't see anywhere to turn it off (it says in the manual it can be user defined).

    I'm going to hunt down the Intel driver if possible tomorrow and see if it helps, but as it's Intel I'd imagine MS has a good version anyway...?

    Just wanted to know if anyone has had this and if it turned out to be software/driver related or a hardware issue.


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    Either failing sound chip on the board or bad capacitors causing the issue. Both of which i have seen before.

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