I have a problem with my NAS drive. the model is Buffalo Linkstation Duo LS-WXL. i cannot access my work that i have stored on there.
so what i have done is taken both hard drives out and attached them to my pc via a SATA to USB converter

unfortunately it was set-up using Raid 0 but the partitions seem to be there.

so i did a Google search for recovery software. now i have seen one good one but i really cant pay the price. UFS explorer. it can see all my work but i need to buy the software to take the data from the drive.

I'm sure there's a freeware alternative out there that could do just a good a job as a paid version.

do any of you recommend anything Paid or free? but not too expensive just for a one of job.

BTW im running windows 7 with the hard drives attached.