I am looking into improving our current backup solution as our backups are running painfully slow and we are running out of storage. We currently have a HP Storage works disc array directly connected to our file server and run daily backups to disc on this. These are then duplicated to tape on a weekly and monthly basis. All backups are done using backupexec, just short of 2 TB of data on a full backup (mix of user data, shares, server backups, and exchange DB) and all of our servers are physical.

As the B2D part of this solution is running very slowly I have been considering alternative solutions, such as a new disc array with more storage, separating our file server and backup server and locating a new backup server in another building for increased redundancy (perhaps then scrapping tapes). The tape part of our backups are running well but we are a using LT03 drive and full backups are using several tapes so I was also considering buying a new tape drive so we could store more on one tape.

One solution that has caught my attention is the EMC data domain DD160 which offers inline de-duplication and could decrease the size of our backups and increase their speed. I was just wondering if anyone is using this already or what others backup solutions everyone else is using?

All scenarios and thoughts would be appreciated