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Hardware Thread, Toshiba Laptop 850 InsydeH20 BIOS issue in Technical; Has anybody used Tosiba Satellite Pros, with the above BIOS ? It seems the oddest BIOS to lock down. If ...
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    Toshiba Laptop 850 InsydeH20 BIOS issue

    Has anybody used Tosiba Satellite Pros, with the above BIOS ? It seems the oddest BIOS to lock down. If I set a Supervisor password it locks down all parts of the BIOS except if a student tries to get into the BIOS it says "Enter Supervisor Password or hit F11 key to proceed. F11 key limits functions" However the one and only funtion that F11 allows is a HDD/SSD drive password set. If I also set this (HDD)it means that every time anyone logs on they have to enter this password before Windows boots, if I don't set this password, a student can go in and set a password via F11 for the HDD (as has now happened, although it has taken 16 months for a student to spot this) I am now locked out. So I enter BIOS Supervisor password, fine, but then it asks me for HDD drive password, (the one which a student has changed) I am locked out entirely even though all I want to do is enter BIOS ( which I know the password for) . Any help gratefully received.

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    Sounds familar, see my previous post below. I don't think there is a good answer unless they've released a newer bios revision?? which I doubt

    Flipping great! can't lock down bios

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