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    Dell Inspiron Keyboard Issue

    Good Afternoon Edugeek Community

    I have a Dell inspirion 1545 sat in front of me with a keyboard issue.... Before you make your mind up, This is what the problem is and this is the solutions i have taken to try and rectify it.

    All Keys work on the Keyboard except C, D, E, 3, F2 now its look a little suspicious on how these keys are all directly above each other... Right?

    So, i have tried, Removing and re installing Keyboard in normal mode as well as safe mode, I have removed regional language from UK to US International.. still nothing, I have Upgraded the Bios to Dells Latest..... However, F2 doesn't work in Bios either..... So one would assume its a Keyboard fault? Right? No, i have bought a brand new keyboard, still canít hit F2 in bios, i have installed Ubuntu, and that DOES NOT see, C, D, E, 3, F2..... i have completely and utterly run out of things to look for.... i have cleaned up the Pins where the keyboard stip connects to but.... I am at a utter loss now...

    Ohhh forgot to mention - i have plugged a USB Keyboard in and everything is fine!

    Can anyone else suggest anything? or is it time for this laptop to have a new owner!!



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    Sound like the laptops needs a new MB if you bought a new keyboard and doing the same thing! Have you got the same model of laptop to try the keyboard in that to see if it's doing the same?

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    maybe the internal socket is faulty. use some air duster and check the solder joints & maybe wet them with the soldering iron.

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    I can't remember what type they are but the last Dell i had with this problem had 4 or 5 identical components below the connector on the motherboard, one had failed, with the right kit they are easy and cheap to fix.

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