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Hardware Thread, NAS Server Reccomendations in Technical; I may need a rackmount NAS server to cater for 4 or more 3.5" HDDs (1u or 2U). This is ...
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    NAS Server Reccomendations

    I may need a rackmount NAS server to cater for 4 or more 3.5" HDDs (1u or 2U). This is for replicating offsite backups over a 100Mbit link so super duper speed not required. The cheaper the better - it just needs to be reliable!

    I have the HDDs in stock - just need the NAS server.

    Any reccomendations or horror stories?


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    Although not rack mounted, we have an 8tb QNAP TS-412 box which has been really good even to the point where a power cut caused the RAID to drop 2 drives and corrupt the firmware. They managed via remote session to reinstall the firmware and rebuild the RAID with no data loss. Therefore I would recommend them.

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