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Hardware Thread, server giving I/O error in Technical; Hiya all of you Edugeekers, so iv got a oldish server thats chucked up a I/O error when i went ...
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    server giving I/O error

    Hiya all of you Edugeekers,

    so iv got a oldish server thats chucked up a I/O error when i went to upgrade from 2k3r2 to 2k8r2,

    replacing the drives should be all ok? and give me a nice refreshed server

    just double checking be for spending some moneys

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    assuming that the raid card/controller is in good order are any disks being flagged as having an issue?
    have you tested the ram in the server
    an I/O could be as simple as an iffy dvd/cd drive as i have had this before

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    I can second SHimmer45's post, we had a server we had gave up upgrading, but then we tried a usb extenral disc drive.... suffice to say we now have it as a print server.

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