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Hardware Thread, Wifi Spectrum Analyser - Wi-Spy 2.4x in Technical; I bought one of these along with a wifi jammer for use for research for my dissertation.. both work great...
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    I bought one of these along with a wifi jammer for use for research for my dissertation.. both work great

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    When mine arrived, I spent a couple of days surveying the school with it.

    I found the source of the interference in just a couple of hours. An anonymous grey box in a corridor (part of the fire alarm system I think), is emitting a great big spike between channels 8 and 9, effectively blocking out anything above channel 6 in half the school. I would never have found it without the Wi-spy.

    I recommend one of these to anyone who's having trouble with wireless networking. 200 well invested.
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    Got mine today although there was an element of bitter sweet with this... Wifigear are apparently unable to read their own "Shipping Address" information so the item went home where I'm not due to the 11 hour days I'm pulling. Wasn't best pleased

    That aside, the kit is very simple to use and it's already helped ID a few potential problems at home. Be interesting to see how it works out in school tomorrow... I have to admit though, I'm no longer sure that it's worth the price tag unless you're looking at a build that's surrounded by a large amount of suburban sprawl with their BT and Sky wireless routers, DECT wireless phones, etc...

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