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Hardware Thread, RM CC4 server replacement in Technical; We've got a pot of money allocated to buy ourselves a shiny new server for our RM CC4 network. We ...
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    RM CC4 server replacement

    We've got a pot of money allocated to buy ourselves a shiny new server for our RM CC4 network. We currently have an RM Dualserv Pro:

    2x Intel Xeon E5450 3Ghz Quad Core CPUs
    16Gb RAM
    Two lots of RAID 5 arrays of 400Gb and 270Gb

    There are two roads I could go down, buy a new server or I could suggest we upgrade the current one (Apart from the abysmal hard drive space, the current server is adequate for our network of 100 desktops and laptops). I reckon it will be quite a while before we have another pot of money allocated for this.

    Our current server was bought in 2008 and the warranty ran out in 2011, it would be nice to have a server with a 5 year NBD on site warranty.

    Hard drive space, reckon I'd want at least 4 TB of useable space along with a spare hot swap included in the price.

    I'd like to delve in to virtualisation to make package building and testing much easier. If the new server ran all the RM gubbins, this old server could be kept as a virtual server and general technician machine rather than logging on to the DC.

    An extra 2008 R2 license is cheap under our SWGfL umbrella agreement and RM would sort out the installation side of things.

    What do we reckon on my thoughts? RM don't sell hardware any more. Any recommendations of companies that supply servers?


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    Dell HP through resellers are worth a look.
    ive found Misco and CCS Media very helpful
    Stone Computers Server are also good (intel chassis & mobo)

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    Stacey @ CCS Media has always been very competitive in pricing and helpful for me

    PM Me if you want their contact details

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    I can get you some lovely refurb servers from HP and Dell that would fit your bill. Let me know what you're looking fior and I'll get you a great price (with an equally great warranty! )

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    hey samba_man,

    I'll send you a PM, would be more than happy to discuss some options.



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    Definately go for a new server while you can. May be look at how you use RAID.

    Personally I would load the old server with as much ram as it would take and hyper-v it. I would then look at moving MIS or somthing else onto it for load balencing. If you have anything that needs a SQL DB, like Corereo or SIMS say that would be ideal. Maybe even look at CC4 Anywhere or set up a vanilla Citrix server. There's so much you can do with a virtual box.

    If you virtualised the first server too you could look at backing it up to the old one and then firing up the VM if your 1st server dies.

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    Dell VRTX with 2 blades, ESXi, RAID 01 SSD with ~500GB + many TB of raid 5

    bin off the old server, electricity costs outweigh the usability...
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