I am looking for a solution to allow some pupils access to Skype in a telephone room (size of a telephone box). Its currently got a phone in and a chair which is hardly used so they wanted the option of adding a Skype kiosk.

I thought buying a cheapo android tablet and putting Skype on it with a kiosk app would work but its laggy and useless, then maybe a tv with Skype built in but that's expensive and they are usually bit screens. My third option is something like this TV Cam HD for Skype - Logitech which I like as its all built in and would only need a tv/monitor with HDMI input.

Has anyone used one of these or can think of a better solution. It needs to be very locked down and robust which is why I am shying away from a PC. I can make it so it just used Skype but wear and tear (and them being little monkeys) would be an issue.