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Hardware Thread, What is your backups cycle in Technical; Hi All, Just wondered how everyone else cycles their backups, would be interested to see. We currently have 2 sets ...
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    What is your backups cycle

    Hi All,

    Just wondered how everyone else cycles their backups, would be interested to see. We currently have 2 sets of tapes for WK A / WK B and do full monthly's which then get stored. These are then broken back down across 6 monthly and yearly so we have at least 2 sets of tapes covering that year.

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    We have two NAS boxes. Week 1 there's a full backup on Saturday and then incrementals during the week. Week 2 is the same but to the other NAS, which is stored in another building. We use Macrium Reflect and set it to keep two full backups.

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    Incrementals Monday > Friday and then a full backup every weekend

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    Daily incremental - some servers have two different jobs, one at lunch, one at night, 2 weekly full backups done at the weekend to 2 different devices and then every fortnight to a fireproof safe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tobiasclarity View Post
    Just wondered how everyone else cycles their backups
    For files, we use rsync to copy the live file server to a backup file server. This is taking around quater of an hour on a live server, so we're running a backup every hour. The local backup server is replicated to an offsite backup server once a day (or will be, once I get it set up). We clone each backup to provide the start of the next backup, and cull hourly backups down to daily after 2 days. With the current free disk space and disk usage, I figure we should have enough for daily backups for a year or two, after that I'll look at culling daily backups down to weekly or so. VM images are also stored on the backup server, with diffs sent to the offsite backup server.

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    It all depends on what the school/company requires in terms of when things fail.

    I have clients who have a backup every hour and store them for over a year. And I also have a client who backs up their data once a week. It all depends on how valuable the data is and what is required if the proverbial hits the fan.

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