Afternoon all,

I'm looking for anyone who has had problems with the above PC. Specifically, anyone having or had the following symptoms:

  • The PC does not boot even to the bios screen
  • It switches on, fans spin, no beeps but screen blank
  • After about a minute the fans on the psu start spinning at a very high resolution.

I have removed the RAM and get the bios beeps. After removing the power, (physical plug), the computer beeps 4 times.

HP are not interested as the PC is out of warranty, but looking online, it appears that a number of people have had the same problem (HP 6200 not booting - Spiceworks).

This is from a school with a limited budget and the parts are too expensive to guess whether the MB, PSU or CPU have failed. I don't have a spare i3 processor and the PSU has strange connectors not available on PSU testers...

I would appreciate any replies as I want to complain to HP about this being a possibly inherently faulty tower.