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Hardware Thread, Printer curling paper in Technical; I have a Samsung SCX-4825FN printer/scanner. The paper is being curled so much it is barely useable after printing. The ...
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    Printer curling paper

    I have a Samsung SCX-4825FN printer/scanner.

    The paper is being curled so much it is barely useable after printing.
    The paper isn't old, or damp, have tried a different brand just in case as well.

    Not sure where to proceed from here so advice would be appreciated!

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    Could check to see if there is an auto paper detect or if the paper is set to thick or glossy as this makes the laser and drums heat up more, This happened with one of our MFD's

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    If the paper isn't stored in a warm dry room or if the paper that's being used was opened for an extended period of time it's likely damp that's causing it.

    A lot of MFDs these days can have heat trays that sit under or above the paper tray to keep the paper tray dry and warm. They're normally an optional extra though and don't come with them.

    You'd be surprised at how much damp plays a factor in printer jams and curling paper.

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    This is probably not the case, but I use to find this if the paper was ultra thin.

    Also check firmware updates for the printer in case the fuser is getting too hot.

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    try printing in a lower res or draft mode, this'll kick the paper out quicker. as above check the paper type isn't incorrect.

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    All of the above are valid explanations.

    Paper curl is simply due to the shrinkage of the paper due to a high moisture content or excess heating or excessive pressure at the fixing process. The direction of the curl is dependent on the grain of the paper and the extent of the curl is proportional to the shrinkage.

    So, the most likely causes are
    1. The paper is damp. Just keeping an open packet in the office for just a few days will absorb enough moisture to cause this.
    2. The fuser Temperature is too high. An incorrect setting as stated by others in the control panel can cause this.
    3. A combination of both of the above.
    4. Cheap paper or paper specifically designed for Ink Jets being used in a Laser.
    5. A defective or faulty fuser unit.
    6. Another is a blocked filter or vent causing higher than normal fixing temperatures.
    7. Use of non oem original supplies can cause this too.

    The electrostatic processes used in most copier/printer designs can be dramatically affected by moisture, you cant afford to under estimate the effects and it almost indistinguishable to the untrained eye.

    I have seen entire pallets of paper returned to paper mills in cases where the stock was simply unfit for purpose for use in certain printers.

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