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Hardware Thread, Replacement Cam Locks in Technical; Several of our data cabinet locks have been vandalised. The sheer amount of different keys we need for the all ...
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    Replacement Cam Locks

    Several of our data cabinet locks have been vandalised. The sheer amount of different keys we need for the all cabinets is becoming a pain too.
    I'm thinking about replacing ALL the locks, with each using the same key. Has anyone else done this? If so, could you recommend a UK supplier?

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    I've brought a load of these a while a go, and started to change some over, but never finished. CPC do a load of different shaped cams to fit different cabs. Its the same key as a lot of other network cabs (L&F 92250)

    8305A-250 - CAM LOCK - SERIES 8 -30MM- 250 | CPC

    You sound like you might need something a bit more heavy duty though, if you are getting locks vandalised. These can be undone with a large flat screwdriver, so arn't the most secure thing in the world. Good at stopping people fiddling, but not much more. CPC also have different styles of camlocks, but most could be picked pretty easily.

    Edit: you could also look at getting a master key, if all the locks take similar shaped keys. Not all L&F locks are made to take master keys though. Might also get into some filing cabs. Not that you would want to do that.

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    I've used Total Locker Services successfully.

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