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Hardware Thread, What to do with old 2.5" drives? in Technical; Originally Posted by Arthur Unlikely, because DBAN doesn't overwrite every sector on the drive. It doesn't touch data in bad ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arthur View Post
    Unlikely, because DBAN doesn't overwrite every sector on the drive. It doesn't touch data in bad sectors and the Host Protected Area. For that reason I tend to use the drives built-in Secure Erase command via Parted Magic. FWIW, Secure Erase is recommended* by NIST in the US as a suitable media sanitization technique - one of the only ones that does not involve physical destruction.

    Infosec Standard 5 - which is the UK government's data destruction standard - has the following requirements and is quite similar to DoD 5220.22-M.

    * See Table A1 on page 19
    Or more lazily you could just buy a What Data drive and wait for three years, from my experience they erase themselves without any help, without exception. No fancy software needed

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    Quote Originally Posted by SYNACK View Post
    also got mine from Quiet PC.
    Me too. I have an SSD in my ZM-VE400 and computers fly through OS installs.

    The only two things I don't like about the enclosure are the capacitive buttons (they suck badly!) and the tiny LCD that isn't large enough to display ISOs with fairly long filenames e.g. Microsoft ISOs from TechNet/VLSC. The VE200 and VE300 also had small LCDs, so I doubt Zalman will make it bigger on the ZM-VE500. I hope they do though!
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    Interesting point about dban and bad sectors - there's more info on that here.

    I'll try secure erase from parted magic next time round (adjusts tin foil hat).

    Edit - thought parted magic was foss - it's commercial. Unclear if gparted (which it's based on) does hdd secure erasing.

    Either way, if a dban doesn't report bad sectors, I suspect it's good enough. If it does, who wants a drive with bad sectors? It's failing.
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    I assume this quantity of PC's are from the Curric side of things? what data would be on there of any actual use to anyone? surely a wipe with DBAN would get rid of most of the data, meaning that the few blocks of data that might be missed is virtually meaningless, especially with what the actual data was in the first place?

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    I thought that the information in bad sectors was moved out by the OS to good areas of the HDD. Any information in a bad sector is likely to be corrupt beond usable recovery anyway, hence why its a bad sector.

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    As you have a lot how about 2.5" Dominoes around the place?

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    Quote Originally Posted by john View Post
    As you have a lot how about 2.5" Dominoes around the place?
    I am liking that idea, last day of term (11th!) when everyone goes to the carol service I will try and get one going and instagram it. The 170+ drives I have in stores are a mix of 3.5" and 2.5"

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