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Hardware Thread, Viglen Computers in Technical; Has anyone used Viglen to provide computers to their schools? If so, how was the service and quality of product? ...
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    Viglen Computers

    Has anyone used Viglen to provide computers to their schools? If so, how was the service and quality of product? Their offerings look competitively priced and the value added services make an interesting proposition.

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    Weve got some i3s. A few failed hds. Warranty claim is pretty straight unlike other companies.

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    I have to say that our experience was not good.

    Admittedly this was a long time ago now and our network has gone through several revisions since we had a Viglen Classlink7 network.

    Some of the reasons to back up the poor experience statement:

    • IIS crashed every day [Meaning that we could not manage our network until IIS had been restarted]
    • 10% DOA kit failure rate
    • Issues reported to the helpdesk ALWAYS had to be chased before action to address the reported issue [Often several times]
    • Hardware returned under warranty was returned to us with the problem NOT fixed
    • Poor build quality
    • Hours spent on the phone trying to get replacement parts promised to us weeks before

    There are other issues that I cannot report here. Perhaps Viglen have changed since we went our separate ways but I would not use them again [I strongly resisted using them in the first place but I was overruled]

    What I would have said at the time if I could is: "Sir Alan: You're fired!" [He was "Sir Alan" at the time]
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    The college in our federation using them for their desktops and we put in 41 genie ultra smalls this summer.

    Only warranty claim so far has been 1 with a duff nic which needed a motherboard replaced, I logged it with them one afternoon and 9am the next morning an engineer was on-site with a new motherboard.

    We also have the integrated stands to go with them but most haven't been fitted yet as the person doing our ordering on the federation side didn't order them with the machines so they didn't come until they were all in.


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    We like them. We had a batch that all blew power supplies, but they all got sorted. Even the last three that didn't go before the warranty ran out got sorted.

    Can't fault the service, either an engineer out the next working day, or they can send the spare parts for you to fit at your own convenience, and then you return the broken bit after.

    We have a couple of really good account managers. The sort of people who get stuff done when asked and don't call up every 5 mins asking if I want to buy something.

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