We have a number of these printers dotted about the college, A few months ago I got a call about one of them making "weird" noises went and had a look but I couldn't replicate it, and asked them to call me if it did it again. a couple of months pass and yesterday I gets a phone call saying it wont print, looking at the printer it only does it when attempting to pickup the paper, it prints fine from the multi-purpose tray.

I stripped the whole right hand side of the printer apart and all the roller mechanism seems to turn OK without any noise. the two rollers which sit under the toner I checked the back one which is fine the front one I cant get it out because of a large plastic cover over the left hand side but if I lift it and turn it it made a clicking noise, which may or may not be the angry bees noise im hearing. Then just to make it worse screwed it all back together and when moving them manually with a screw driver its quiet, but turning it on it makes the horrid noise.

I hope you all understand what I have written because it probably make no sense whatsoever.

Thanks everyone