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Hardware Thread, Your Homelab/The ideal homelab in Technical; I dont at the moment but will be setting something up soon....
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    I dont at the moment but will be setting something up soon.

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    I havent been in my lab for ages, I have a monitor that sites in the front of my rack that is always on for my CCTV, but I havent touched the lab in months.

    Need to get in there and build some Juniper Olives, and learn.

    I desperately need to get my hands on some watchguard Fireboxes to get rid of the 2 physical PC's I have in the rack running pfsense, and a new rack.

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    Spare room - 12u Rack Cabinet

    1x 4U custom server 2x Xeons , 4x HDD , 1x SSD , 24gb RAM running Vmware ESXI
    ( servers include a few server 2008's for entertainment like movies and music shares for Sonos,dreambox and CCTV , a few centos servers for Deluge , apache etc , and a server 2012 server for learning also running pfsense as a router)

    1x 2811 Cisco router running IOS 15 and CME - Initally used for learning but is now setup as a home VOIP system ( connected to home telephone ) have a few wireless 7925g's and a few larger wired colour screen Ip phones.

    1x layer 2 HP switch

    1x 1041n Cisco wireless access point

    1x Rack console

    Most of the above is used in a working environment , as the whole house is wired in and each server feeds and connects to devices around the house .

    My main PC is just a alienware desktop i7 , SSD , 16gb ram , GTX 470

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    My "lab" is just the laptop I use mostly for gaming.

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    When I was younger I had a few old desktops running various server os's at home but since getting married etc I'm lucky to have a 1tb buffalo network drive and a laptop.

    I'm hoping to retire one or two servers here in the next few months as well as moving to VMWare so may keep one knocking around as a testbed, not sure taking it home(dual quad xeon) to eat our electric is a good idea can't believe I had trouble finding a usb keyboard at home when repairing a friends pc, I used to have spares of anything and everything at home!

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    i had a massive clear out the other weak of all the old shite i was keeping.

    wanders off to ebay to look for a suitable shuttle/small pc....

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    Custom built server - (Quad Core i5, 32GB ram, 2 x 2TB drives)
    Running Server 2008 R2 Core with Hyper-V host
    Several VM Guests:- DC, SQL, SCCM 2012, CentOS 6.4, NAS, Sharepoint, Sophos UTM, OSD Test (x2), RDP server
    A few physical PCs and Laptops as well

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