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Hardware Thread, upgrade graphics card to run 2 monitors in Technical; Hi We have a Dell XPS-210 in school that we want to run 2 monitors from. The idea is to ...
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    upgrade graphics card to run 2 monitors


    We have a Dell XPS-210 in school that we want to run 2 monitors from. The idea is to extend the display, with one application on one screen and a different one on the other.

    The graphics card that is installed is not capable of this - when connecting an additional monitor I just get the display duplicated and the second monitor is not picked up when I look at the display settings.

    Can the graphics card be replaced with one which is capable of what we require?



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    What OS is it running? Windows 7 is much more flexible with dual monitors - just hitting Windows key+P will give you other options. It's surprising that there's no extend mode on the one you have.

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    Some older integrated graphics don't handle it - IIRC Intel have only opened it up in recent generations.

    Any half-height GPU will do you - AMD 5450's are our favourite for the job, the Sapphire model definitely comes with the low profile bracket - XFX, for example, sometimes do and sometimes don't. You may need a DVI-I to VGA adapter depending on your monitors, or just connect one via DVI and one via VGA if the monitor inputs allow.

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