Hi all

i work in a BYOD school with an externally managed CISCO wifi network. As far as i can work out, we have the latest firmware in our access points and controllers etc, so the original Win 8 and Cisco issue should not be the cause here.

I have 5 win 8 machines that are failing to connect to the network. Authentication is username and password, AES, PEAP, no validation of server cert, and we don't use machine login info.

Two specific cases are a HP envy touchscreen with Ralink RT3290 and also a samsung EX500 with Broadcom SDIO 43241.

Drivers have been rolled back, updated, god knows what. Tried win 7 driver install but that failed to install. Still not able to connect. Done th eusual google the hell out of drivers, and forums etc, but feel like i'm in an endless loop of windows 8 hell.

Any ideas, because i'm all out. Annoyingly, almost all other users are Mac based and everything just whistles through, and those with win 7 work ok, so never had a concern before win 8.