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Hardware Thread, NIC Settings in Technical; Hi All, I would like to configure our Intel network card's to allow WOL as on most of our PCs ...
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    NIC Settings

    Hi All,

    I would like to configure our Intel network card's to allow WOL as on most of our PCs it seems to be disabled by default.

    Does anyone know if it is possible to change the following settings in the registry by importing a .reg file?

    - Enable PME = Enabled
    - Wake on Link Settings = Forced
    - Wake on Settings = Wake on Magic & Directed

    I don't fancy the idea of changing these settings manually on each PC.

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    We have it set to enabled/on in the BIOS- I think most machines now with onboard NIC's have the settings in the BIOS these days.

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    I had a similar question a while ago: Changing NIC settings site wide?

    Never could get WOL enabled just with a reg file, something else must get changed when you alter the settings in the windows gui.
    Haven't got round to it but the simplest way appears to use something like Winstall LE to scan before and after you alter the settings on a machine and make a package.

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