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Hardware Thread, High Capacity Printer. in Technical; Originally Posted by localzuk Originally Posted by ICT_GUY Do what we do, Buy a cheap printer and throw it away ...
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    Re: High Capacity Printer.

    Quote Originally Posted by localzuk
    Quote Originally Posted by ICT_GUY
    Do what we do,

    Buy a cheap printer and throw it away when broken.

    IJT to a little HP job for £99 with 10K worth of toner (including drum). So after 10k of printing you bin it and use another.

    £1000 gives you 100k of printing, job done. though you will have a stack of printers at the end, but you can sell them on if you like
    Not very environmentally friendly though is it?
    For us 10k of printing is a years worth per printer. Besides it comes down to cost, at the moment landfill is cheap and my budget very small. :?

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    Re: High Capacity Printer.

    From our print management system, statistics for my 4200n printer in our main office.

    Statistics for Main Office (HP 4200) over last 90 days
    Jobs Printed 1,868
    Total Pages 10,846
    Total Cost 542.30
    Average pages per job 5.81
    Average cost per job 0.29
    KB processed (sum of spool file sizes) 2,542,096
    Duplex Jobs 3
    GrayScale Jobs 1,868
    Denied Jobs 0
    Cancelled Jobs 0
    Refunded Jobs 0

    I've only just changed the cartridge for the first time this academic year, so all this printing was definitely done on one cartridge. Ignore the costing, this is because we put a flat rate of 5p per page in, in reality this is a lot lower for this printer.


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    Re: High Capacity Printer.

    Quote Originally Posted by maniac
    Buy an HP printer, and every time you change the cartridge, you also change the drum. Works out overall about the same cost wise, but it's one less bit to keep in stock.

    We have 2 HP 4200n printers in our high output areas, which I think have been superseeded by the 4250n http://www.misco.co.uk/applications/...236316&CatId=0

    The cartridges on these last ages, not sure on the page count, but it's many thousends of pages. Only other thing you need to buy every now and then is a maintenance kit which is about £150, but in 2 years I've only just had to buy one of these for it.

    Another vote here for HP4250's We have one of these in our main office and it 'just works' - printing is fast and copes with everything thrown at it by our office staff.

    It gets a fair hammering by the office staff - a 12000 yield toner lasts about 11 weeks and I think I've replaced the maintenance kit once in the past 18 months. It's a solid workhorse of a printer.

    If you're taking about a usage that goes to several thousand sheets a week, I'd seriously look into doing what Geoff said and leasing a network photocopier with a good service contract!

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    Re: High Capacity Printer.

    Quote Originally Posted by localzuk
    How long is quickly? A month? 2 months?
    2-3 months.

    I think we're gonna plump for the 4250 with a 256Mb RAM upgrade.
    With Toners that'll do 20k and the maintence kit every 12-18months, it should do quite well for us. I hope.

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    Re: High Capacity Printer.

    Hp 4250s here good for 60k turnover a month drum changes after 100k price from XMA approx £600 HV toner cartridge £110 bloody good value for money.

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