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Hardware Thread, Her indoors wants to replace her ancient PC! in Technical; Originally Posted by witch Ah -when I buy from ICT -Direct, they put a new OS on so it comes ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by witch View Post
    Ah -when I buy from ICT-Direct, they put a new OS on so it comes without all the Lenovo carp. Never had to ring Lenovo support - any little niggly problems, Dave has handled for me, little sweetie-pie that he is
    Only Lenovo utility that I think is good is the system update ( or system updater as I call it ) which will scan your system as is and find any latest updates for drivers, software, BIOS Updates etc ( and you tick or check the relevant ones that you want to install

    ThinkVantage System Update

    95% of the machines we have where I work are Lenovos ranging from out of warranty T400's to T410's, T420's, T430's and some work station laptops ie W510 and W530's. We did and still have some desktops dotted about which range from M57, M58, M71 and M72's

    I do miss the warranty's that came with Dell as far as the turn around being faster and the diagnostics seemed to be a lot better, the diagnostic disc that comes with the Lenovos just checks the RAM and Hard drives and thats it so far, not as thorough as the Dell Diagnostics which could test the cpu and a lot of other things. Also the Dell's seemed to be built better with less screws and metal brackets etc and if you could repair one model in a range then the other ones from what I have found seemed to be similar ( maybe just me on this point ). In comparison trying to take apart a T400 , T410 , T420, T430 are different in a number of ways and where screws are, and other things.

    I am starting to get used to things to do / check / not trying to force things to come apart etc so I suppose repairing Lenovo laptops and Dell laptops ( D620, D630 and E6400 ) vs the Lenovos has taught me quite a lot

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    I rarely need to take apart a lenovo because ours have been so reliable or have an onsite warranty. But when they are out of warranty they are the easiest to repair because lenovo publish full maintenance manuals. Most vendors don't come close on the amount of detail that lenovo publish.

    I'd be quite happy to pay a bit more for lenovos for the reasons above (not to mention the all in one system updater) but we usually get them at a really good price. If you buy enough of them they will build them in china to your own spec.
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