Hey everyone,

I have a Dell XT in for repair, It was running Windows 8 when the customer bought it, however none of the drivers work properly so I have wiped that and loaded Windows 7. I have spent many an hour upgrading to the latest graphics drivers, windows updates, Installing all the Dell Drivers & tools such as Quickset and N-Trig and I can seem to get the Pen working but not the rotate buttons. I have Auto-Rotate working - I can swing the screen and lay it flat and turn the machine and it will rotate the screen but it wont rotate it back if you know what I mean.

Before I spend many many many more hours on this has anyone else had one of these and had the buttons working on XP/VIsta/7 ?

I have had XP Tablet installed same story, Vista was the same story too.

I've looked on google and have followed most guides but to no avail.

Any Ideas ?