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Hardware Thread, How many servers?? in Technical; I think this may have been asked before, but I can't find the post. How many do you have, and ...
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    How many servers??

    I think this may have been asked before, but I can't find the post.

    How many do you have, and what do they do? If you feel like it, you can put makes models, ages and specs as well if u like. Just trying to compare and contrast our ICT infrastructure to that of other schools with simelar sized networks.

    We have 11 servers at present all running Windows server 2003.
    2 DCs, one also handles half our network printers,
    Storage server, does what it says. All user home areas, shared areas and other network storage, plus half our network printers.
    Exchange server,
    Server for CMIS and FMS and other admin applications.
    SQL server,
    E-portal server,
    Moodle Server
    Intranet server also hosting a virtual server for the Student Intranet,
    A server called Deploy which hosts WSUS, WDS and Sohpos enterprise manager, and handles a few small applications such as logon tracking.
    One webserver hosting our online web services such as the school website, Outlook webaccess, External E-portal and SSL explorer for remote access.

    The first 5 servers on the list are 14 months old, the SQL server is 2 years old and the rest are 3-4 years old. All HP proliant G3 and G4 series servers, varying specs. This serves a network of 650(ish) workstations with 1200 users.


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    Re: How many servers??

    For the purposes of this list, anything 'Old' has been around over 2 years. As I have far too many servers to do a proper list, if anyone is interested in any paticular one, please let me know and I will elaborate.

    5x Citrix Terminal Servers (W2k3) (New)
    1x Web Server (running several virtual hosts) (Linux) (New)
    2x DCs (W2K3) (New)
    1x Proxy Server (Linux) (New)
    1x SMTP Gateway Server (Linux) (New)
    1x Firewall (Linux) (Old)
    1x Zimbra Mail Server (Linux) (New)
    1x WSUS Server (W2k3) (Old)
    1x Sophos AV server (W2K3) (Old)
    5 x File Servers (W2k3) 3x (Old) 2x (New)
    1x Print Server (Linux) (Old)
    1x VMWare server (Linux) (Old)
    1x Ghost/RIS/WDS Server (W2k3) (New)
    1x Packetfence NAC Server (Linux) (Old)
    1x Zoneminder CCTV Server (Linux) (Old)
    2x Sims.NET Servers (W2k3) (New)

    Total = 26, W2k3 = 17. Linux = 9. Old = 9. New = 17.

    As you can see, a lot of our old kit gets recycled and turned into Linux servers doing various non-critical but useful tasks. Unless performance demands new hardware (we usually find this out by running it on old hardware for a while).

    I should probably look at consolidating some of our servers by virtualising them really.

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    Re: How many servers??

    2 DCs
    1 Intranet and Library software
    CMIS + ePortal Server
    Print Server
    NAS Server
    Proxy Server x 2 (I know.. don't ask)
    Securus Server
    Ghost Server
    SharePoint Server

    And we've got 2 more on the way- These will be HP dual quad cores apparently- hot stuff :P

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    Re: How many servers??

    I had:

    "Main" server: Dual Core Intel Xeon 3GHz, 2GB Ram runs DNS, DHCP, Impero Monitoring, Staff user areas. Used to also run CMIS.

    Server 2: 2x Dual Core Intel Xeon 3GHz, 2GB Ram, 50% Student areas, Hold applications that can run over network. VCD Server.

    Server 3: 2x Intel III 1.4GHz 1GB Ram, 50% Student areas, ALAN testing software.

    Exhange Server Intel Dual Core 3GHz, 1GB Ram

    ePortal server, 800MHz, 256MB RAM, Server 2000.

    Web server: 500MHz, 256 RAM

    That was all i had until i pursuaded them to give me some investment this summer. I have now retired the last 2.

    First 4 still same, although server 3 may be retired and used for testing soon.

    Web server: 2x Intel Dual Core 3GHz, 2GB Ram, May host VLE also if we go internal. If not could use as virtual server host.

    MIS Server: 2x Intel Dual Core 3GHz, 4GB Ram, Hosts CMIS and ePortal.

    2x TS servers: 2x Intel Dual Core 3GHz, 4GB Ram, Hosts Kids TS Sessions, have a third of similar spec but holding off at the moment as they seem to be holding up.

    Quad Server: 2x Intel Quad Core 2GHz, 4GB Ram, at the moment hosting a virtual server for Spiceworks Help desk.


    Retire Server 3, and take student / staff areas of server 1 & 2.
    Buy 3TB server to store user areas.

    SV1 used as DFS for staff areas to Storage Server.
    SV2 used as APP server and DFS for 50% Pupil areas
    Virtualise DNS / DHCP server on Quad, as a back-up.
    Virtualise ALAN testing S/W and WSUS on QUAD.
    Put 1 more TS server in place.

    To stay as they are:
    Exchange Server
    Web server
    MIS Server
    2x TC server.

    EDIT: SV1 also does the sophos AV, and print serving. I might give these roles else where also.

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    Re: How many servers??

    2x Windows 2000 DCs for files, applications, DHCP, DNS etc. Dual PIII 1.4GHz, 2GB RAM, 160GB HDs. Installed Dec 2002.

    1x Windows 2000 SIMS server. Dual Xeon 2.4GHz, 2GB RAM, 250GB HDs RAID5. Installed Summer 2004.

    1x Linux Email server. Viglen SX120: Dual PIII 1.1GHz, 2GB RAM. Comissioned 2004.

    1x Linux web server. P4 1.8GHz, 512MB RAM, 200GB HD. Installed 2006.

    1x Windows 2003 exam software server. P4 1.8GHz, 1GB RAM, 80GB HD. Installed 2005.

    1x Linux FTP/web server for BTEC IT. P4 1.8GHz, 512MB RAM, 80GB HD. Installed 2006.

    1x Linux proxy server (IPCop). P4 2.6GHz, 40GB HDD, 1GB RAM. Installed 2005.

    1x Linux file server. Intel Celeron 900MHz, 372MB RAM, 400GB HDs.

    2x Buffalo TeraStation door-stops, 1TB.

    1x Linux router provided by our ISP (Firewall, NAT, Squid/DansGuardian, GateKeeper)

    And a couple of mid-spec machines for testing TS and Zimbra. Most of the P4 range of "servers" are old workstations but manage the task they perform well.

    We're having a big upgrade next year

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