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Hardware Thread, Educational hardware providers in Technical; We use Novatech for PCs - (for us it's local too)...
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    Re: Educational hardware providers

    We use Novatech for PCs - (for us it's local too)

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    Re: Educational hardware providers

    A2Z, Viglen, Stone computers

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    Re: Educational hardware providers

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    Re: Educational hardware providers

    I think they are great!

    Seriously though, these are very popular. If you are looking for a number of PCs then why not contact us if you want to discuss taking a unit on evaluation so you can have a look at it yourself?

    Just an idea

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    Re: Educational hardware providers

    Quote Originally Posted by Jose
    Quote Originally Posted by Dos_Box
    RM etc, very poor value for money.
    Did you see the miniBook?!! Anything but poor value.
    I would wait and see how these machine work in a proper school environment first,

    how long will these batteries last before they no longer hold their charge ?
    How much will replacement batteries cost ?
    are there any h&s things to consider when using such a small screen for long periods ?
    How long are the warranties, laptops have always been expensive to fix compared to normal PCs ?

    When dealing with laptops you have to read the small print when it comes to warranties and insurance, sometimes the screen is not covered etc..

    On the surface it looks ok, but with RM once they have suckered you in the reality hits. We will only really know if they are suitable in 3-4 years time once we have seen other schools use them over a period of time.
    Remember you can get good laptops for between 350-400 pounds now so if these drop in price in a years time then it would make more sence to use proper laptops.

    I shall stand back and let the RM Luddites have their say.
    At a starting price of £169 it's not a very expensive experiment is it ? And if you take the plunge with a small initial investment you'll get the answers to your questions. Alternatively wait for revision 2...the 10inch model due out next year.

    Agree with you about the rapidly reducing cost of small 12 and 13 inch
    notebooks. Not so long ago you're only real options were very expensive Sony Vaio ultrportable models. Now the market is awash with cheap ultraportables. But when you get down to the sub 1kg level you really do come across major hurdles in terms of heat dissipation and you generally need to make some comprises in order to be in that featherweight divsion.
    (Magnesium Alloy adds cost, ULV processors , fanless operation). Only the Panasonic R500 which weighs 1.2kg and get's hotter than a cat on a hot tin roof comes close to ticking all those boxes.

    Most of the laptops you're referring to cannot reach that level of portability
    and even in their current form factor battery performance is truly abysmal. Unless ofcourse you've got £1500+ for a 12inch panasonic magnesium-alloy toughbook.

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    Re: Educational hardware providers

    Been using SCLonline for nearly 2 years now, and beofr ei started in education for several years before, I speak to a guy there called Mark, easy to talk to, dont sell you rubbish you dont want and totally up front if you ask them if anything is good or not.

    Never had a problem with any of thier kit, support is excellent and with 3 year warrantys on almost all thier kit thier well worth a look.

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    Re: Educational hardware providers

    Schoolcare offer a complete solution and I have been very happy with them for the past 7 years: They offer a much more flexible and cheaper system than RM or Viglen (I have been in extensive talks with both) and it sits lightly on top of your 2003 server or whatever so that you can do what you want if you have the expertise, or not if you don't!
    They are a preferred supplier for Dorset County Council
    Call Jason Dempsey on 01202 486338 or PM me for more details

    I know some people don't like them, and obviously you could probably get the kit a bit cheaper but they are fairly competitive and do offer the whole solution. As I say, they are good at letting you get on with it, offering tech support where necessary

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