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Hardware Thread, Video Cameras / Firewire in Technical; Hi all, I didn't really know whether to post this in hardware or AV so feel free to move it... ...
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    Video Cameras / Firewire

    Hi all,

    I didn't really know whether to post this in hardware or AV so feel free to move it...
    I have inherited in my new role a couple of JVC HDV720p GY-HD201 video cameras. They have firewire on them (firewire 400).
    No the book basically says don't let static get to them and otherwise, off you go. But when I plug either of the cameras into a mac or a PC, nothing interesting happens. They don't show up in device manager on the PC, or in the more info bit on the mac.
    They don't show up in movie maker, or in iMovie.

    I have another camera which I've tried (a tiny little canon MD205), which is the mini version of firewire 400. I've not had any sucess with this either. In the PC it does nothing, in the MAC, the list under firewire changes to 'unable to list firewire devices'. When the Canon is unplugged it switches to 'up to 800mb/s' which is just the default text for the controller in the mac.

    I can't find any drivers online anywhere for the device and I'm pretty certain with them being firewire and just streaming they don't need one?

    The PC i'm using is a Windows 7 32bit device with a PCI Firewire card I bought this week. The cables are new and multiple, and I've tried them all.

    What the hell am I missing?


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    Download a free capture software something like windv and see if any video is coming from the cameras.

    Most Firewire jus works especially when it comes to Video cameras on MAC's on a MAC.

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