We've just bought a second LTO2 drive to increase our backup capabilities, but when I insert a tape (new or existing) the error light comes on.
I used the XTalk diagnostics tool, which suggested using a cleaning tape (I did... repeatedly). It then said if that doesn't fix it there must be a hardware fault.
So, I got a replacement sent out... it does the same thing.

I got in touch with Quantum and the person I spoke to was very thorough - I updated firmware and drivers for both the tape drive and SCSI controller. This made no difference (I didn't think it was as the existing drive, a Certance LTO2 - identical to the Quantum, is working fine).
I swapped the Certance and Quantum, made sure settings matched and even tried a different SCSI controller on a different server - all with the same results.

It seems very very very unlikely that I just happened to get two faulty units, so... anyone else have any ideas or have you had the same problem with a Quantum LTO2 yourself?