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Hardware Thread, Whiteboard alignment in Technical; sorry friez - you are right. I thought I had looked but obviously not I will try the resolution issue ...
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    Re: Whiteboard alignment

    sorry friez - you are right. I thought I had looked but obviously not
    I will try the resolution issue and possibility of delaminating
    This problem has only just occurred so I can't really believe it is the projector mount - far more likely that someone has changed something on the pc!
    Ta all

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    Re: Whiteboard alignment

    Indeed, I've tried most of what was mentioned in my original thread and it has made little difference. Switching PC completely didn't have much of a dramatic effect at all, although I have observed that the disalignment varies over time. Currently it's out even when well calibrated, but not as severe. Very strange!

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    Re: Whiteboard alignment

    Is your board still in warranty?

    We have had this happen a couple of times of our boards, the end result is always a new board.

    When we have had this problem when they came in to fix it, the guy run the smartboard pen down the right hand side of the board, and at various points the line would just bow out. He said instantly that the board needed replacing, might be worth trying?

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    Re: Whiteboard alignment

    Interesting YKW - we have a board exhibiting identical characteristics

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