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Hardware Thread, Visualisers - Thoughts? in Technical; Hi @ gob , We've found that while the AVer F30 is a really great little unit with a crisp ...
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    Hi @gob,

    We've found that while the AVer F30 is a really great little unit with a crisp resolution, the newly launched AVer F15 is a much better model AND cheaper! It comes with its own free downloadable software which allows the user to freeze, record and capture images. These simple functions allow teachers to interact with their pupils.

    The CP135 has gone EOL. Replaced by the F15 (above).

    To enable the teacher to walk around the class with the visualiser – they might have a fishbowl/hamster at the back of class or wall chart, sunflowers on the window sill – the Lumens DC120 + wireless adapter is perfect AND is the cheapest wireless option on the market

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    Hi All,

    Thanks for all the feedback, extremely useful. I think the school is likely to go with the Avermedia F30's as we've recieved some good quotes and they seem to popular in schools, not many complaints either!

    The DC120 projectors seem like a great option but the Head here has her heart on something a bit fanicer looking. I suspect that once they have them, if they are not used as much as people suggest they will go for the DC120's for future purchases.

    Thanks all

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