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Hardware Thread, Refurbishing ICT suite - recommendations please! in Technical; I'm a little surprised at the number of you shouting out for Dell. We have around 40 here as teacher ...
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    I'm a little surprised at the number of you shouting out for Dell. We have around 40 here as teacher pcs, and whist they look nice, and boot fast thanks to ssds, we've had an awful lot of problems with keyboards not being recognised after POST, so no ability for the ctrl-alt-del. Also some major issues with some SmartBoards, particularly 885i camera versions that flicker something chronic. No amount of refresh rate changes have made a difference.

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    We're currently dealing with iCubes.co.uk - very helpful, and fantastic support for any issues.

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    An update - after considering a lot of options and quotes we went for Very-PC's Nano Sketch mini-PCs. Excellent and friendly customer service - my client relations manager always responded to emails very quickly, dealt with the occasional issues that have arisen very promptly and still emails me occasionally to check all is well. The PCs themselves are great too - boot in a few seconds, very quiet and fit onto the back of our monitors creating a lot more space in our suite. They have lots of connectivity options - plenty of USB2 and USB3, memory card reader, HDMI, microphone and headphone sockets, wifi, LAN and even built-in speakers. Blew the budget a little, but definitely a good investment.

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