At Net-Ctrl we’re very selective with whom we partner. We provide solutions that we know deliver great performance at an affordable price. We don’t supply competing product, we will only partner with one manufacture in a particular area. We have built a long-term relationship with Overland Storage because they have excellent, market-leading solutions ideal for education, where budgets are tight and demands are high.

If you’re looking at SAN/NAS/Tape we would really appreciate it if you let us know, so that we can speak to you about the Overland Storage solution. We will work to keep it all within your budget, and you may be surprised how far your budget will stretch!

Within education we often come up against a lot of HP and DELL competition and the Overland offering at the end of the process has been given the go ahead on the majority of occasions.

So if you are looking now or the near future at storage, please do let us know