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Hardware Thread, Science experiment - dual audio inputs in Technical; Hi, I have hit a bit of a wall and wondered if anyone else has doen this. We have laptops ...
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    Science experiment - dual audio inputs


    I have hit a bit of a wall and wondered if anyone else has doen this.

    We have laptops in our science departmetn which have single audio input/output sockets. The science department have purchased little mikes to record soundwaves and the time it takes to travel between them.

    They have a audio splitter and 2 leads coming out of them, they work fine on desktop machines but not on the laptops....they dont register as microphones on the laptops which I think is due to the single input. I did buy a couple of USB audio devices to test but they are just coming back as single channels.

    Has anyone come across this before?

    I did find a registry hack to force the socket to be whatever you decide but I would need to change it back after each lesson as they use them for headphone sockets too.

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    If the mics are mono (which they more than likely are!) could you MacGyver a cable together that takes one input to the left channel and one to the right channel with a common ground? Then you'd just need to use something like audacity to split the channels.

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