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Hardware Thread, What is the best QNAP Rackmount NAS I can get for £1000? in Technical; ...
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    What is the best QNAP Rackmount NAS I can get for £1000?

    Last year we bought a TS-879U-RP with 8x 2Tb drives for our main file and VM backup, and I love it. I'd like a second one at our other site but only have a budget of about £1000 (ex VAT), which rules out anything like the one we have.

    Only want it to replicate from the first one, so the lower spec 1U models will probably be fine, but they do SO many almost identical models, most of which have very similar specs, so unsure which to get? Also prices seem all over the place online.

    After at least 8Tb, but if any more can be done for this price that would be amazing

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    I just got a QNAP TS-421U 16TB 4 Bay 1U from ebuyer.com... was £1250 with factory hard disks.

    Nice little unit. Shop around and you'll probably find one nearer £1000, or get one chassis only and load it with cheaper disks.

    They do a 12TB in the same chassis a bit cheaper.

    Hope that helps ; )

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