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Hardware Thread, Laptop Docking Station - DESK MOUNTABLE/BOLT in Technical; Hi all, I've been asked to look into seeing if there is a way of having some sort of laptop ...
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    Laptop Docking Station - DESK MOUNTABLE/BOLT

    Hi all,

    I've been asked to look into seeing if there is a way of having some sort of laptop dock/mount-thingy (their own words) which can be bolted/mounted to a desk surface. The idea is that they want to be able to put a laptop down, have it so it's secured onto the desk, and then be able to unplug it and take it away afterwards.

    We are a school for children with Autism/Aspergers and other mental health disabilites, they don't want a computer as they feel if there's something physical there all the time the students will not want to move away from it, hence why they want a laptop that can be secured to prevent them from causing damage and then be able to take it away when their session is over.

    Any ideas? I found THIS but I'm just wondering if there's anything better out there. The laptops in question are Dell Latitude E6430's, I have checked the docking station Dell make for them but it appears there is nothing underneath that can be mounted to a desk surface.


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    If you want a dock that connects to the laptops docking port assuming it has one as it's a Dell then you'll probably have to use the Dell manufactured dock and look at someway of securing it down via a custom bracket or some screws.

    Alternatively you'll have to look at one of the many available usb docking stations these connect to the laptop via a single usb lead.

    Kensington and Toshiba are 2 manufacturers.


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    If you wanted a HP laptop from us then I've got these


    Port replication and expansion as standard

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    In the past we took out the machine screws that hold the bottom of the Dell dock together and replaced them with longer screws that we screwed in through the underside of the desk. Despite their relatively small size they held the dock down surprisingly firmly.

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    I don't know if this is still the case with modern latitudes but back in the days of the old D series docks, there was a Kensington lock slot on the docking station which locked the laptop onto it when it was engaged.

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