Hey guys

We have a Smartboard here at Broadoak Towers that seems to spectacularly lose calibration for no apparent reason. Problem is it never does it when I'm there using it, always the teacher that uses that classroom.

We called it in a while back to steljes and they gave us a load of things to try. It seemed to go away (think it was more teacher ignoring/not using it) but since we have had a new teacher in the classroom it is driving him insane.

There is no apparent damage to the board and nothing leaning on it. I have also loosened the board from the wall thinking it may have been warped a little.

We are currently using Notebook 11.1.1209.0 and the board has the latest firmware. This problem has followed all versions of software and firmware so I am staring to think it is something up with the board. The thing that gets me everytime is that other staff members mention (in the corridor; so I ignore them) that they have similar issues but not as frequent.

Just looking to see if anybody else has similar issues