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Hardware Thread, Does anyone use Air Con Server Cabinet? in Technical; Does anyone use Air Con Server Cabinet (Orion Air Conditioned Cabinets) or similar (APC NetShelter CX)? Could you make any ...
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    Does anyone use Air Con Server Cabinet?

    Does anyone use Air Con Server Cabinet (Orion Air Conditioned Cabinets) or similar (APC NetShelter CX)? Could you make any suggestions, please?


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    What problem are you trying to solve? What size cabinet do you need and what are you going to put in there?

    I'm not seeing why, in our climate, you would need an air-conditioned environment.

    What temperature are you aiming to run the cabinet at? Why not heat it in the winter and run it at a constant 30 degrees?

    You need to do three things to prolong the life of your equipment:

    1) Provide an environment with as constant a temperature as possible within the operating temperature range of the equipment.

    2) Provide some panic measures if the temperature should reach or exceed the maximum operating temperature.

    3) Avoid air-recirculation in which the air is heated and re-heated.


    1) Use cabinet doors and blanking plates to create thermal mass. Do not open the doors unless you have to. Remember when your mum baked a cake and you couldn't open the oven door to look? Spread your powered equipment across sufficient cabinet space.

    2) Install a top-of-rack fan unit with thermostatic control to switch in at 40 degrees. Install some room or cupboard air-extraction ideally to switch in when the temperature inside the cupboard/room (at ceiling level) is more than 10 degrees higher than outside (differential thermostat)

    3) Use blanking plates in the cabinet to create a chimney and carry the heated air up and away, to prevent it re-circulating and being re-heated.
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