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Hardware Thread, Fast supplier for servers in the event of disaster? in Technical; Originally Posted by MatthewL Not just your servers you need to consider, you need to consider your network equipment and ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by MatthewL View Post
    Not just your servers you need to consider, you need to consider your network equipment and even links?

    You need to note any line details and supplier contact numbers too.
    Well the whole DR plan should also include things like printers too. I don't think there is any set standards which have to be met with Education is there? Apart from best practices? maybe @Grumbledock might know more.

    I know with law firms and the such like they have a minimum standard they have to be able to maintain in order to be able to practise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by reggiep View Post
    I am currently preparing our disaster recovery documentation and one thing I am struggling with is how we could quickly purchase servers to get us up and running again.
    Does anybody have this sort of detail in their disaster recovery documentation?
    I did spec up the equivalent kit from dell but their turn round time is a bit slow!!

    We have a whole range of servers that we can get to you next day. Before 9am delivery is also available for a price.

    There's a list on our site of our regular stock, but we also have many other models so it's always best to call us first.

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    First off, Dell are very quick in supplying kit in a DR situation, speak to your account manager.
    Secondly, please don't do back of fag packet guesses on how long it will take to recover the necessary servers. You do actually need to test this, document the procedures required and the time taken in optimal conditions (ie working network, internet connection etc) and then add extra time for a real live scenario in non optimal conditions. Definitely do not underestimate the time required, if anything err on the side of caution and overestimate. You also have to account for if you are not there, say on holiday, ill, etc.
    You also need to look at things like one server failing, loss of server room, software issues etc.
    Please, please, please involve SLT and later on Governors in this, they need to be aware of the time it takes to recover systems. If they are not happy with the times given, then it is up to them to decide if they want to invest in a more robust solution.
    I speak from experience on this, twice, once an arson attack and secondly when we had a software/hardware problem in our virtualisation stack which took over a week to fix. Since then the Governors and SLT decided we needed to invest in a solution to give us better resiliency and quicker recovery in a DR situation.
    The other thing is if you are looking at another school to have a reciprocal arrangement of hosting a DR server, it's not as straight forward as it sounds, it needs solicitors involved to draw up a contract, insurance needs altering etc etc.

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    There are a few Dell servers available on a next day service, may not be your preferred spec but at least you would have one.

    Otherwise, as others have said, the distributors hold vast amounts of stock so IBM/HP options should be easy to get hold of on a next day delivery. Also, if you order before 11am then you can usually get a same day delivery too.

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