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Hardware Thread, DDR 3200 RAM - spare any chips guvn'or? in Technical; I'm currently avoiding the desire to go with the newest and "best" new kit out there as I've plenty of ...
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    DDR 3200 RAM - spare any chips guvn'or?

    I'm currently avoiding the desire to go with the newest and "best" new kit out there as I've plenty of 939 boards, hard drives and PCI-E cards to keep my current kit tootling along nicely.

    However when it comes to getting RAM I'm a bit wary of the fact that it seems to have gotten a whole lot more expensive with around £10+ extra on a 1Gb stick. Besides which I figure there are going to be people who are less inclined to fight the "upgrade" urges so I was wondering if anyone has started recycling their older systems and is starting to find themselves with spare PC3200/2700, sitting idly in the cupboard

    Probably a case of "you'll be lucky" but I thought I'd ask... Primarily I'm asking for my own needs (looking to beef up a 939 box for use as a vmware server for code development) and then if there's enough out there, to upgrade some of my older schools systems in preparation for the eventual vista upgrade.

    Not necessarily looking for freebies (but wouldn't say no! ) and if anyone is interesting in PC133 sticks of 128 or 256mb then let me know, I seem to have rather a lot of it to hand.


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    Re: DDR 3200 RAM - spare any chips guvn'or?

    If your working to a budget, the trick is to buy 512mb modules atm.


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